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Your Guide to Conquering Thrush

Genital thrush - the uninvited guest that turns your private domain into an itchy, uncomfortable battleground. Fear not! There's a line-up of effective medicines ready to wage war against this pesky yeast infection. Let's dive into the world of treatments that'll have you bidding farewell to thrush in no time.

What is thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus. Around 40-60% of the population have Candida in their mouth and gastrointestinal tract (their gut). In healthy people, the presence of Candida is usually harmless. However, in certain conditions, such as in particularly moist and warm environments, the fungus may overgrow and cause an infection.

The condition can affect the mouth (oral thrush) or the genitals, with the vagina being far more commonly affected than the penis, and these are treated with different medications.

There are several highly effective thrush treatments that can control the spread of the Candida fungus, typically clearing the infection in just a single dose or a few applications of medication.


Meet the heavy hitter of the antifungal world. Azoles like fluconazole disrupt ergosterol production which is crucial to the fungus’ survival, thereby preventing the spread and growth of Candida. Oral fluconazole is like the cavalry, combating the infection from within.

Fluconazole is a single dose treatment that comes in the form of a capsule taken orally. One dose of fluconazole is effective at clearing genital thrush within 48 hours (2 days), making it one of the fastest-acting treatments available.


A superstar in topical treatments, clotrimazole is available in creams and pessaries. It's a potent fighter against the yeast, not only eliminating the infection but also effectively soothing the discomfort caused by thrush. The popular brand Canesten provides a wide range of treatments containing clotrimazole, varying in application method and strength.

Canesten Thrush Internal Cream and Canesten Thrush Pessary

Canesten Thrush Internal Cream and Canesten Thrush Pessary targets the genital thrush infection at the source. These are inserted into the vagina as a single dose treatment, typically clearing thrush within 3 days.

Canesten 1% External Cream and Canesten 2% External Cream

Canesten 1% External Cream and Canesten 2% External Cream are topical creams applied 2-3 times a day to the external areas of the genitals (e.g. vulva or penis tip) to treat thrush, being particularly effective at reducing irritation and itchiness.

It takes longer to treat thrush using external creams alone, typically taking between 7-14 days for a full treatment course.

Canesten Thrush Combi (Pessary and External Cream)

They say two heads are better than one, and in this case the combination preparation certainly is! Canesten Thrush Combi (Pessary and External Cream) combines both a single dose pessary as well as an external cream to combat both the internal infection and the external discomfort.

Buying a combi pack tends to work out cheaper than buying each treatment on its own – a win-win!

While these medications are effective, it's essential to follow the prescribed dosage and duration for optimal results. Additionally, maintaining good genital hygiene and avoiding tight, irritating clothing can complement these treatments, expediting the healing process.

The choice of treatment depends on your preference, your medical condition(s) and affordability. As always, you must always consult your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new medication. You can contact a member of our Pharmacy Team on 0203 370 4321 or through our website ( for more information.

With these effective medicines in your corner, you're well-equipped to combat genital thrush and bid adieu to discomfort. Stay informed, and let these treatments pave the way for a thrush-free world down below!

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